New Year, new beers and places to try them

By 15th December 2016 March 15th, 2017 Thirst News

As you are reading this the Turkey has finally been finished (we hope). You like the idea of hiding the Christmas jumper and in most cases we are all thinking how did we manage to eat all those mince pies/chocolates/sausage rolls etc?

Now is the time we feel the need to make resolutions and eat healthy. Not me, I’m going to be a bit alternative. At the point when everyone else is abandoning their local eateries and pubs I am going to vow to enter a new pub or restaurant at least once per week. It may not be much but if a few people do it then maybe a few more pubs will stay open. January, February and March are the times when the number of public houses closing rises.

But what if you want to be healthy? Can you be healthy and still visit your local? Of course you can. We all know how to eat healthy and are happy to have the salad, and yes I will forego the deserts for a while, but what about a beverage?

Lots of pubs now provide a range of teas and coffees, this is not your only choice but if you want to avoid the calories, caffeine and the sugar what do you do?

Some non alcoholic drinks contain loads of sugar and if you drink sugar free they can have a slight metallic taste, also I do like to match my drink to my food which is not something restaurants or pubs tend to think about. This is why I was pleased to find that the new landlords of The Ship Inn in South Walsham are working on finding soft drinks that taste good but will also match with their menu. The new brewery WildCraft is also looking at non alcoholic beverages (not beer) that can accompany food along with their exciting foraged beer range.

I will still drink my beer as well; it is lower in calories than wine or spirits and also lower in alcohol (for its size). Beer is also healthy for you as it contains, vitamins, minerals, fibre (unless its been filtered) and the hops have uplifting essential oils which will help combat that regular occurrence, the new year cold!

There is also a reason that beer is also known as ‘liquid bread’, during days of fasting in the past the clergy were still allowed to drink beer and it was noticed that those who did were healthier than those who fasted with water or wine. Beer will fill you up quicker with your meal, so foregoing that desert will be easier.

I mentioned new places in the subtitle to the Nibbles & Tipples, in 2017 I have already heard about some interesting eateries opening and you will hear more about them as I test them out over the next few months along with some great new festival that our county will be hosting. 2017 will see the National CAMRA Winter Ale Festival coming to Norwich for 3 years. We will also be welcoming an October Festival in … you guessed it October, (I have been told there will be Steins and Sausages). Rumours of other festivals are circulating including Maris Otter 50+2 and a possible one at Norwich City Football ground, but we wait to see.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy and Beery New Year!


Original article featured in Iceni Magazine Norfolk – Nibbles and Tipples December 2016