Jolly Porters Bar at Diss Train Station

By 15th July 2016 March 15th, 2017 Thirst News
Jolly Porters

The sun is shining for a short time and on my travels around Norfolk I have realised what a great range of different watering holes there are in the county, so for this month’s Nibbles & Tipples (yes we finally have a name) I am going to take you to a few different little places for a beer or two.

Let’s start with a brand new place, the Hoxne Brewery Tap (est 2013). This is the Jolly Porters at Diss train station. In this relaxed 2 roomed bar you find at least 2 Hoxne brews as well as a range of craft keg and wine. There is an outside courtyard and I have the impression they are not in a hurry for you to leave looking at the book case, this contains a range of interesting books from, beer to local interest.

Hoxne brewer, Daniel Steggles is a firm believer in using as many local ingredient as possible, especially Maris Otter from the Branthill Farm of Teddy Maufe. Yet Daniel is not afraid to experiment and mix tradition with new ideas, so I hope that we will be seeing some of his aged beers featuring at The Jolly Porters over time.

I think I will be changing trains there from now.

I’m going to take you North now up to the fine city of Norwich.

I like to have a beer with my Fish & Chips, the bubbles lift the fat from your mouth and something with lemon like a Wheat beer or IPA is just amazing. One of the best chip bars in Norwich is the Grosvenor on Lower Goat Lane, yet it is always packed. So head to the Birdcage across from it, find a table in their friendly and dare I use the word trendy bar, send your pal to order the food over the road while you soak up the atmosphere. A little while later your order will be brought to you. What more can you want.

We stay in Norwich for the next place and you can be forgiven for missing it. Gonzos (on London Street) is down a hall way between Ladbrookes and hairdressers. The first thing you will see (hear) is the music which can change as the day goes on, but think classic R&B and you will be there. The place has drinks to suit everyone from, beer, spirits, cocktails and the most amazing coffee. What is also great it the food, handmade burgers, chicken and breakfasts to die for. This is topped with an atmosphere and decor that ranges from Thunder Birds to Lichtenstein.

If you do want a seat though at the weekends get in early, or visit during the week. They open from 12 – till late 7 days a week.

Owner, Matt’s idea behind the bar was for it to be the grownup version of a club house. I could stay and play for hours.

My final destination takes us right up to the North Norfolk coast and to Wells, here tided to the quay is where you will find, The Albatros, a Dutch barge that has been converted into a bar and B&B. There are always a couple of local Real Ales and the food is classic Dutch (try the Pancakes!). The ales are supported by local ciders and wines as well but my main reason for travelling this far, Jenever, classic Dutch Gin. The only thing is to remember that you have to climb up the stairs to get home unless you choose to stay the night.


Original article featured in Iceni Magazine Norfolk – Nibbles and Tipples July 2016